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GPS Rock Climbing Guide: Transfer way points directly to a GPS

Entering way points manually is always an option, but is error prone and time consuming. To download the way points file to your GPS you need a cable (USB or serial) and software. Many programs can be used. EasyGPS is an excellent free program for PC and Mac.

Choose file format (most users should select .gpx):


The GPS Climbing Guide way points are available in 3 file formats: The .gpx files are for EasyGPS and many other programs (including Google Earth). The .csv (comma separated values) files are readable by Excel, Word etc... The .kml file is for Google Earth and contains all the coordinates on this site. The way points names are sometimes (rarely) updated when the site is updated: It's a good idea to print the web pages around the time of download.

Note that the map datum is WGS84 for downloads (its not user selectable). In the unlikely event that you changed your GPS map datum, change it back to WGS84 and then load the way points. After loading the way points you can change it back to whatever you fancy.